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Be A Grower

The Festival Foundation Growers Program is a monthly donation program to help support the needs of the Festival Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit. Whether you choose to contribute to our scholarship programs, general fund or the bricks and mortar, your accumulated donations will go towards preserving traditions for years to come and a level in the Founders' Circle. The minimum monthly donation is $5.00.

Check out the benefits of being in the Founder's Circle.

Thank you to our donors. Click here to see a list of our Growers and Founder Circle members.

One Time Donation

The Festival Foundation preserves your traditions in Traverse City Michigan and surrounding areas, as a 501c3 the Foundation gives back to is community through its events by supporting other nonprofits, high school sports teams, scholarship recipients and more. Thank you for your consideration of an one time donation.

One time donations may qualify you for benefits in our Founder's Circle. To learn more, click here.
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