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Our Growers & Founders' Circle


The Founders established the Founders Circle in 2011 to develop a fund. Each Founder gave sustainably on a yearly basis and developed the beginnings of our giving program.

Arnold Amusements, Inc

Adam & Allison Beers

Brian & Vicki Howard

Chuck & Sue Judson

Carl & Wilma Lemcool

Herb & Barb Lemcool

Thomas Menzel

The Tkach Family

Lee and Onlee Torrey

Jan Warren

Jim & Linda Williams

In honor of Sophia, Ava & Lily


Firework donors made lifetime donations between $5,000 and $9,999.

Clif Bar & Company



Trailblazer donors made lifetime donations between $2,500 and $4,999.


Traverse City Track Club

Brian & Vicki Howard

Trevor Tkach

Kat Paye

James and Linda Williams

Timothy & Dawn Hinkley

In Honor of Sophia, Ava, & Lily

Jeff Needham

Ron Lemcool

Sue Judson

In Memory of Chuck Judson

Brad Mackler

Mike Meindertsma

Clover Donors

Clover donors made lifetime donations between $1000 and $2499.

Jimmy Johns

Alex Zelinski

Kim White

James Tuohy

Courtney Elliott

Lon Johnson

Mark Bondy

Mike Meindertsma

Alfie Logo Wear

Max Anderson

Kelli & Dave Mengebier

Norm Plumstead

Gary Kaberle

Up North Media

Garrett Boursaw

Ian Hollands

Madison Ford

Alex Zelinski

Orchard Donors

Orchard donors made lifetime donations between $500 and $999.

JenTees Custom Logo Gear

Vickie Maurer

John Hyatt

Rex Rudolph

Bekah Lynch

Sydney Vanslyke

Jessica Alpers

Kevin Severt

Derek Kilmer

John Lynch

Stacey Isles

Ryan Ward

Tom Haase

Jan Phillips

Ryan Wells

Laurie and Paul Madison

Byron Pettigrew

Monthly Growers

Monthly Donors are part of the Growers' Program and commit to a minimum donation of $5 a month. Donations through this program accumulate for towards lifetime levels in the Founders Circle.
Kelli & Dave Megnebier
In Memory of Debbie Kaberle
Jeff Needham
Lindsay Benedict

Bryane Kowalewski

Bekah Lynch

Kat Paye
In Memory of Jeff Nash
Max Anderson

Kimberly White
Sue Judson
In Memory of Chuck Judson
Bailey Judson
In Memory of Chuck Judson
Katherine Brege

Ian Hollands

Gary Kaberle

Jessica Hodges
In Honor of Kaia & Sadie
Mike Meindertsma

Michael Evans Photography
Jan Phillips

Evelyn Richardson
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